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Meet Our Team

We're an established and experienced international team focussed on bringing on-chain solutions to current and future problems. Click our profiles to check our LinkedIn profiles and read more about us!

Conor Thacker
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Hector Mayorga
Co-Founder & Chief of Gaming
Sean Brennan
Revenue Director
Jesse Paul
Chief of Gaming Operations
Monique Ribeiro
Game Project Manager
Austin Berglin
Operations Manager
Alexander Quinit
Backend Engineer Director
Predusel Alexandru
Game Art Director
Rafael Dias
Game Engine Developer Manager
Menasria Lamine
Game Developer
Michael Tulagan
Backend Developer
Ronel Canaria
Backend Developer
Radu Vasile Dobra
UX Developer
Eduardo Gomez
Public Relations
Tanya Badere
Administrator Manager
Joan Anonuevo
Social Media Coordinator
Michelle Brady
Digital Marketing
Robin Ahmed
Content Marketing


Our team of advisors from around the world have extensive experience in all areas from smart contract development to graphic design. Click our profiles to check our LinkedIn profiles and read more about them!

Mitchell Sahn
Financial Advisor
David Lorenzo
Legal Advisor
Aaron Enatsky
Legal Advisor
Ivan Reif
Blockchain Development Advisor
Yasir Iqbal
Blockchain Advisor
Artavazd Manukyan
Game Engine Advisor
Mary Elkordy
Public Relations Advisor

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